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The GAIHH Story

GAIHH is the Global Alliance for Integrated Hearts and Healing.

Read on to discover more about GAIHH and its beginnings.

What is GAIHH?

GAIHH is a non-profit organisation founded in 2021, in response to the emerging mental health crisis being faced in Australia and around the world as a result of the policies implemented to manage the COVID-19 pandemic. GAIHH aims to provide a safe and supportive online environment for the general public who may feel confused, stressed, depressed, and/or isolated in response to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and policies.


We know how divisive these issues have been for communities so we have created GAIHH as a safe place where you can raise your issues and concerns without fear of retribution or judgment. You can subscribe here to be notified of our weekly Zoom support groups and other initiatives.

For mental health practitioners, GAIHH aims to provide support, connection, and 'oxygen masks' for practitioners around the world responding to the enormous community mental health crisis. The extent of this crisis has resulted in interns and retirees being called in to practice to cope with the extraordinary demand. 

GAIHH provides a platform enabling like-minded professionals to build connections with one another as well as share information, resources, and practical tools to support individuals looking for healing after trauma. Our Practitioner Forum brings together news, views, and essential information, all written by passionate and members of the GAIHH Community.  Mental health practitioners can subscribe here.

Donations Welcome

Donations to GAIHH are very welcome!

Donations will contribute toward running costs to allow us to continue to provide our services to the public and practitioners. They will also help us achieve essential growth in order to develop our reach and increase our sphere of influence.

Please visit our Donations page.

Ros Nealon-Cook

The GAIHH team

GAIHH is spearheaded by Australian former psychologist, Ros Nealon-Cook.

Ros released a video discussing her concerns for the mental health impacts on the community of Australia's COVID-19 restrictions and policies which resonated across community sectors, not only the mental health sector.

You can view Ros' video on the Resources page.

Ros is supported by more than 300 Australian mental health professionals and a growing international audience.

Ros and the team continue to develop GAIHH and support the community and fellow practitioners in Australia and globally, building connections with groundbreaking organisations and individuals to work together to build strength, community, and optimal recovery from the ongoing mental health crisis triggered as a direct result of the Covid-19 measures.

Affiliates and Sponsors

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