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Global Alliance of Integrated Hearts and Healing



Connection. Support. Education.

We are here for you

GAIHH is creating a new collective of ‘caretakers’ that supports individuals
to reach their potential at all levels … physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

General Public

Our lives have been impacted in a multitude of ways by COVID-19 - and the pandemic response measures. Have you experienced challenges in your personal life, relationships, or at work? Do you have questions? You'll find a 'safe space' to share in our free online public support groups.

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Many psychologists, counsellors and other therapists/practitioners around the world recognise that we are in extraordinarily challenging times. Amidst a burgeoning mental health crisis, regulatory bodies and professional associations are failing to support practitioners and, at times, causing 'their' members difficulty in effectively serving their clients. 

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Do you need support NOW?

The consequences of the past three years of Covid measures are increasingly becoming apparent to those health professionals who have stepped outside of the mainstream narrative and its current veneer of ‘a return to normalcy’.

GAIHH began as a voice that could not be silenced – and we have continued to evolve to fufil the unmet needs of health practitioners and members of the general public who need a ‘safe haven’ – and a ‘bridge’ to recovery.

During the past year, GAIHH has magnetised a cohort of highly skilled mental health professionals, and practitioners from other related fields, some of whom were mandated out of their roles. Many are now supporting the clients that the mainstream has rejected.

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