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Hello everyone, I'm a newbie :)

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, a counsellor, a cerified RACC's provider, an NLP Master therapist along with one or two,..well maybe three or four other alternative medicine qualification. Oh yea, and did I say, I started out in the building industry, in which I am quite highly qualified.

Unfortunately, due to a medical misadventure (a failed operation to my cervical spine) back in July of 2013, I am retired now.

While I was able to practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, my practice was general, in that I did not specialise in any particular area of need, I simply took what was brought to me and acheived quite good results for my clients. I did have good success with many a smoker and other 'addictions', and successfully support a handful of cases dealing with sexual assault and/or abuse. A client that often comes to my recall is a QC who in latter years experienced confrontations in the court room that pushed the person back into difficult challenges from their early childhood years.

I learnt TM meditation in the mid 70's and have persisted with that practice and a number of additional technniques ever since. I traveled and lived in both Northern India and in North Carolina in the USA in persuit of greater awareness.

(I actually joined and lived in a 'Cult" in the States).

Nicholas A. PENNY

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